trodat printy 4952
If we talk about type we should keep in mind
the stamp font that came first as a portable letterpres.

Although we live in a world of internet, stamps
are stil being used for many kind of paper work
to prove a document valid. Date and price stamps
were made in a way as to be able to costumize it
being able to rotate the metal rings of numbers.
Other stamps were espacialy created
containing the company logo and year of validity.

Trodat. inc came up with maybe for it's time,
a faster solution than comanding yout own text on stamp.
They made a customisible stamp on which one was
able to write and chnge the text as one wanted.

Today and perhaps in a few years from now
more and more people will get acces to
laser cut machines where each can create their
own even more original stamps than ever before.
But at the same time perhaps the validity of
the stamps will diminuate together with it.
History of trodat