Type Navigator,
The Indipendent Foundries Handbook is an essential book of independent foundries and innovative type designers.
The rapidly expanding online market for digital typefaces is exciting and diverse. With new fonts and type foundries launching on almost a daily basis, it has been difficult to keep track of notable developments - until now. Type Navigator is a useful current hand-book of modern fonts, independant foundries, and innovative type designers, providing an overview of today's vast market. The comprehensive publication offers a valuable overview of international sources for quality fonts as well as an annotated index of independent foundries across the globe. In addition to concise profiles of type foundries and recent typefaces, Type Navigator features abundnat isuals of useful specimens and inspirational examples of fonts in use. A free digital collection of typeface variations from choice foundries accompanies this essential reference, which has been compiled by typography experts Jan Middendorp and TwoPoints.Net
Edited by Jan Middendorp and TwoPoints.Net
Type Navigator is available at the Nijof & Lee bookstore.